Data Analytics

A massive amount of data is generated every single day and this is due to millions of tweets, facebook posts, uploaded videos, published product reviews, ratings, articles, blogs, data captured by sensors, credit card transactions, and many more to say. Since customer engagement and customer satisfaction have become paramount for businesses to achieve or sustain success; there is a huge demand for the service of Data Analytics across the world.

TNP offers valuable Data Analytics Services by using the best available data analytics tools.

Data Analytics Offerings:

    • Business Analytics: Formulation of successful business strategies is not cakewalk and demand adequate information beforehand. We use various techniques like big data analytics, real-time simulation, etc. to give decision makers the needed business insights.
    • Marketing Analytics: We do behavioral segmentation, social media listening and purchase driver analysis to offer you the best market analytics. This also equips you well for an accelerated product innovation and an optimized campaign performance. 
    • Supply Chain Analytics: We put into use various techniques like demand forecasting, inventory planning and operational planning to deliver a supply-chain analytics that will make you reduce the cost significantly.
    • Risk & Compliance Analytics: Our analytics will offer you necessary insight about the possible risks that can hound you in the near future.

Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have a faith in people, that they're basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them.

- Steve Jobs